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Update: 3/31/22
The Alabama Department of Revenue revised their Federal Income Tax Deduction (line 12 of Form 40 and line 14 of Form 40NR). We've updated our software accordingly and the updates to the federal tax deduction will be calculated automatically on Alabama returns. No action is required if you e-filed your return prior to the update. The Alabama Department of Revenue is adjusting accepted e-filed returns automatically.

The Alabama Department of Revenue made some small changes to their tax calculations for the 2021 tax year. However, the vast majority of taxpayers won't be affected by the changes.

Alabama now has an adjustment for contributions made to an Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) savings account.

Alabama created a new form for the First Time and Second Chance Homebuyer Deduction to calculate the deduction and penalties for unqualified withdrawals.

If you had a prior year credit carryforward, you may see a difference in how those are calculated on their other available credits schedule (Schedule OC).

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