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What is a Wisconsin rent certificate?

A rent certificate is a form that your landlord fills out as proof of the rent you paid during 2021.

If your landlord hasn't completed one, you can download a rent certificate , fill it out, and ask your landlord to sign it. If your landlord refuses to sign the rent certificate, you should still enter all of the information. You'll also need to have copies of canceled checks or money order receipts to verify the rent you paid.

If you're mailing your Wisconsin tax return, you'll need to attach your rent certificate or rent verification to your return.

If you're e-filing, you can attach a copy to your return before filing. Or you can mail your rent certificate or rent verification with Form W-RA to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Form W-RA will be available for you to print and mail once your return has been accepted by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

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