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How can I know the deductible amount of my vehicle registration fees?

Your deduction is based on the kind of vehicle you registered and how old it is. Use the following information to find your deduction:

The annual registration fees on the following vehicles are not deductible: pickups (model year 2009 or older), motor trucks, work vans, ambulances, hearses, non-passenger-carrying vans, campers, motorcycles, trailers, or motor bikes.

Newer Vehicles:
Newer vehicles include qualifying pickups (model year 2010 or newer), as well as qualifying automobiles and multipurpose vehicles (model year 2010 or newer). If you registered a newer vehicle, take the weight of your vehicle and divide it by 250 (the weight can be found on your automobile registration certificate). Subtract this number from the annual registration fee that was paid in 2021. This is your Vehicle Registration Fee Deduction.

Example: In 2021, Whitney pays $160 to register her car that weights 4,000 pounds. Her deduction would be calculated by first dividing the weight of her car by 250 (4,000 / 250 = 16). She would then subtract the result, 16, from the $160 registration fee she paid to obtain a deduction amount of $144 ($160 - $16 = $144).

Older Vehicles:
Older vehicles include qualifying automobiles and multipurpose vehicles (model year 2009 or older). If you registered an older vehicle, simply multiply your annual registration fee paid in 2021 by 60%. This is your Vehicle Registration Fee Deduction.

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