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What retirement benefits are exempt from Kansas tax?

The following benefits are exempt from Kansas tax:

  • Federal Civil Service Retirement or Disability Fund payments and any other amounts received as retirement benefits from employment by the federal government or for service in the United States Armed Forces
  • Retirement plans administered by the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, including U.S. Railroad Retirement Benefits, tier I, tier II, dual vested benefits, and supplemental annuities
  • Kansas Public Employees' Retirement (KPERS) annuities (taxable amount)
  • Kansas Police and Firemen's Retirement System pensions
  • Distributions from Police and Fire Department retirement plans for the city of Overland Park, Kansas
  • Kansas Teachers' Retirement annuities
  • Kansas Highway Patrol pensions
  • Kansas Justices and Judges Retirement System annuities
  • Board of Public Utilities pensions
  • Income from retirement annuity contracts purchased for faculty and others employed by the State Board of Regents or by educational institutions under its management with either their direct contributions or through salary reduction plans
  • Amounts received by retired employees of Washburn University as retirement and pension benefits under the university's retirement plan
  • Certain pensions received from Kansas first class cities that are not covered by KPERS

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