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Do I qualify for a Colorado nonrefundable credit?

See the Colorado Income Tax FYI Publications and Index for details on the following credits:

Plastic Recycling Investment Credit
FYI Income 56 

Colorado Minimum Tax Credit
FYI Income 14 

Historic Property Preservation Credit
FYI Income 1 

Child Care Investment Credit
FYI Income 7 

Employer Child Care Facility Investment Credit
FYI Income 7 

School-to-Career Investment Credit
FYI Income 32 

Colorado Works Program Credit
FYI Income 34 

Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit
FYI Income 35 

Credit for Environmental Remediation of Contaminated Land
FYI Income 42 

Aircraft Manufacturer New Employee Credit
FYI Income 62 . Please note that we'll calculate this credit for you. If you qualify for the credit, simply enter the increase in the average number of employees over the previous year.

Job Growth Incentive Credit
Job Growth Incentive Tax 

Certified Auction Group License Fee Credit
Colorado Income Tax Index 

Advanced Industry Investment Credit
Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit 

Affordable Housing Credit
Affordable Housing for Coloradans 

Credit for Food Contributed to Hunger Relief Charities
Colorado DR 0346 

Preservation of Historic Structures Credit
Preservation of Historic Structures Tax 
Preservation Tax Credits 

Rural Jump-Start Zone Credit
Rural Jump-Start Credit

Rural Preceptor Credit
What is the Rural and Frontier Health Care Preceptor Credit?

Retrofitting a Residence to Increase Visitability Credit
Home Modification Tax Credit 

Employer 529 Contributions Credit
Colorado DR 0289 

Employer Paid Leave of Absence for Live Organ Donation Credit
What is the Employer Paid Leave of Absence for Live Organ Donation Credit?

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