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Can I deduct moving expenses?

You may deduct moving expenses incurred to retain employment. You may also deduct moving expenses to report to a new location after obtaining employment. However, you must meet the distance test described below.

You may deduct allowable expenses to move yourself, your immediate family, your household goods, and your personal belongings, including the cost of transportation to your new home. You can use your actual out-of-pocket costs or the federal mileage allowance. You may deduct expenses for storing household goods, for meals and lodging on the way, including such costs on the day you arrive, and parking fees and tolls. You may not deduct expenses for:

  • selling or purchasing a house;
  • breaking a lease;
  • house hunting;
  • securing lodging prior to moving;
  • seeking new employment;
  • moving for your own convenience;
  • relocating to a new job or workplace less than 35 miles farther than your old commute to work; or
  • moving anywhere other than within or into Pennsylvania.
Distance Test: Your new workplace must be at least 35 miles farther from your old residence than your old workplace was. Example: If your old workplace was three miles from your old residence, your new workplace must be at least 38 miles from your old residence. Measure the distance using the shortest of the most commonly traveled routes.

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