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I made a mistake on my tax return. How do I correct the return?

Menu Path: Filing > Step 3 - Submit Tax Return > Check Status/Print Tax Return

I haven't filed my return yet and need to make a change
If you haven't e-filed or mailed the tax return yet, you don't need to file an amendment. You can sign in to your account and make any changes you need. You can go back to the screen you want to make changes to using the menu (Personal, Income, Deductions, Misc, Summary, etc).

I've filed my tax return and need to amend it
If you chose to e-file and the IRS has accepted your tax return, you'll need to do an amended tax return to make changes to your original tax return. Sign in to your account and choose the "Amend Tax Return" option from the sidebar menu (or from the top menu if you're using a mobile device). You can also click the FreeTaxUSA logo at the top of your screen and then "File an amended tax return." We'll help you prepare your federal and state amended tax returns.

If you chose to e-file and you're still waiting for the IRS to accept your tax return, you'll need to wait until they've done so and then amend your return. Even if you just barely e-filed, it's similar to an email that has already been sent to the IRS - it can't be unsent. If you need to, you can contact the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040.

If the IRS has rejected your return, we'll display the reason for the rejection and a suggestion for fixing it. You can use the menu to go back to the screen you need to make changes to.

If you chose to mail your tax return but haven't mailed it yet, you can unlock your tax return to make changes by clicking the unlock your return link in the Tax Return Status section of the View Return Status and Print Your Copy screen.

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