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How do I attach my 1099-MISC to a business (Schedule C)?

Menu Path: Income > Business Income > Business Income (Schedule C)

Depending on the type of income it's reporting, a 1099-MISC may need to be assigned to a business (Schedule C), rental or royalty (Schedule E), farm (Schedule F), farm rental (Form 4835), or as other income (Schedule 1).

You can assign your 1099-MISC to a business (Schedule C) on the Attach 1099-MISC screen of your Schedule C.

On that screen you'll see a list of unattached 1099-MISCs. Check the box to attach the 1099-MISC to the business.

If you need to enter a 1099-MISC for your business, answer Yes to the question on the Attach 1099-MISC screen that asks if you received a 1099-MISC for your business.

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