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How do I make corrections to my rejected return and resubmit it?

If the IRS rejects your return, sign in to your account and you should be taken directly to a screen explaining why your return was rejected and how to fix it. (If you're not taken directly to this screen, you can access it from the Filing menu > Check Status.) Click the Continue button to access your return and correct any errors or information that needs correcting.

To get to the screen where you need to fix the error, use the menu (Personal, Income, Deductions, Misc, Summary, etc). Once you navigate to the screen and fix the error(s), then you can send your return again from the Filing menu.

If you need to change your prior year AGI or PIN info, you can go back to that screen by choosing Filing in the top menu, then Prior Year AGI or PIN.

When you are ready to send your return again, select the Filing menu option and follow the screens until you get to the Submit Return for Processing screen. Click Send Tax Return to resubmit your return.

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