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What are the qualifications for the Joint Custody Head of Household Credit?

You may claim this credit if:

  • You were unmarried at the end of the taxable year OR if you were married, you lived apart from your spouse for all of the taxable year and you are filing using the Married Filing Separately status, and
  • You furnished more than one-half of the household expenses for your home that also served as the main home of your child, step-child, or grandchild for at least 146 days but not more than 219 days of the taxable year.
If the child is married, you must be entitled to claim a dependent exemption for the child.

This credit is equal to 30% of your California tax or $491, whichever is less. Use the Joint Custody Head of Household Credit Worksheet  to calculate your credit. You may need to complete the rest of your California return first to determine the amounts to enter in calculating your credit.

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