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Job Expenses

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed the job expenses deduction to only apply to certain types of employees.

Enter job expenses on the Job Expenses screen.

Some common employee expenses that can be deducted (if you weren't reimbursed for them) include:

  • Union dues
  • Certain job search expenses
  • Vehicle expenses
  • Miles driven (other than commuting)
  • Business meals
  • Overnight travel
  • Home office
  • Uniforms
  • Business gifts
  • Small tools
  • Parking fees
  • National Guard expenses
You may also be able to deduct:
  • Professional dues
  • Safety shoes
  • Safety glasses
  • Protective clothing
  • Business cards
  • Licenses
  • Trade magazines and subscriptions
  • Meals (50% is nondeductible)
  • Briefcase
  • Office decorations
  • Office supplies
  • Expenses related to temporary out-of-town job assignments
  • Certain education expenses
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Any other expense that relates to your job
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