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Why doesn't the IRS have record of my tax return?

Sign in to your FreeTaxUSA account by clicking on the Check E-file Status link (in the After You File menu). Or, after you've already signed in, click Check Return Status on the Home link at the top of the screen. Then verify the following:

Did you e-file the return?
If the FreeTaxUSA Check Status screen says that your tax return has not been e-filed, go to the Submit Return for Processing screen by clicking the Filing Method link in the Filing menu and following the screens. Click Send Tax Return to e-file your tax return.

Was your e-filed tax return rejected?
If your return was rejected by the IRS, you'll see a screen that gives the rejection messages when you first sign in, or you can click on the Check the status of your 2018 return link in the Home menu to view the rejection message. Make any necessary corrections, then e-file your tax return again by going to the Filing Method link in the Filing menu and following the screens.

Was your tax return accepted by the IRS?
If the Check Status screen shows that your tax return is accepted, then you can check your refund status with the IRS on the Where's My Refund? tool or by calling 1-800-829-1954. It takes at least 24 hours after your e-filed return has been accepted by the IRS for your refund information to show up on the IRS system. If you filed Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, with your tax return, it can take 11 weeks before your tax return status is available on the IRS system. If you call the IRS or use the IRS website's Where's My Refund? tool before that time, your refund information will not show up on the IRS system.

You'll need to know the exact amount of your tax return refund, your tax return filing status, and your Social Security number for the IRS to give you any information about your tax refund when you visit the IRS website or call the IRS refund phone number.

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