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How do I find my 2020 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)?

If you filed a tax return with us last year using the same account, we'll automatically roll over the Prior Year AGI amount for you on the Prior Year AGI screen. You can also find your 2020 tax return in the Prior Years section of the software:
Menu Path: Prior Years

You'll need to look at your tax return from last year to find your prior year AGI. Depending on the form you filed last year, your AGI shows up on the following lines:

Form 1040 Line 11
Form 1040NR Line 11

If you filed a joint return last year and this year with the same spouse, you and your spouse will have the same prior year AGI, no matter who earned the money.

The amount found using the table above is usually the amount you'll enter for your Prior Year AGI on the Prior Year AGI screen. However, if one of these exceptions applies to you, you may need to enter something different: If you don't have access to your prior year tax return, you can request a transcript of your prior year return (which will tell you your prior year AGI).

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