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What will happen if my banking transaction (deposit of refund or debit of taxes owed) is returned?

Returned Transaction Charge
The West Virginia State Tax Department will recover a $15.00 fee associated with any returned bank transactions. These bank transactions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Direct Debit (payment) transactions returned for insufficient funds.
  • Stopped payments.
  • Bank refusal to authorize payment for any reason.
  • Direct Deposit of refunds to closed accounts.
  • Direct Deposit of refunds to accounts containing inaccurate or illegible account information.
  • Checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $28.00 fee.
The fee charged for returned or rejected payments will be to recover only the amount charged to the State Tax Department by the financial institutions.

There are steps that can be taken to minimize the likelihood of a rejected financial transaction occurring:
  • Be sure that you are using the most current bank routing and account information.
  • If your account is being rolled over from a previous year, the financial information used from a prior year return pre-populates. It is important that you verify the bank routing and account information from a current check. This will ensure the information is accurate and current in the event that a bank account previously used was closed or changed either by you or the financial institution.
  • Be sure that funds are available in your bank account to cover the payment when checks or delayed debit payments are presented for payment.

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