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What is the Emergency Lodging Credit?

A refundable tax credit is available for licensed establishments that provide short-term emergency lodging under the Emergency Lodging Program. The program helps provide lodging for individuals or families who have been displaced from their residence and have been referred to the establishment by a charitable organization approved by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. Please visit their website  for additional information regarding participation in this program.

The credit is $30 for each night of lodging provided by the establishment with a maximum of five nights' lodging for each individual or family. You may claim the credit if you are the owner of the establishment or you have an ownership interest in the partnership or S corporation that owns the establishment.

For further instructions on the Emergency Lodging Credit, and to calculate this credit, see Montana Form ELC . When you claim this credit, you will have to include a copy of Form ELC with your tax return.

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