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What is the Biodiesel Blending and Storage Credit?

You can claim a credit for the cost of investments in depreciable property used for storing or blending biodiesel made from Montana products with petroleum diesel for sale. This credit can be carried over for seven succeeding tax years if the facility is blending or storing biodiesel for blending.

If the facility ceases blending biodiesel for sale for a period of 12 consecutive months within five years of claiming the credit, the credit is subject to recapture. If the facility's biodiesel sales are not at least 2% of all diesel sales by the end of the third year after the credit is initially claimed, the credit is subject to recapture. We'll give you a chance to enter any recapture you owe later.

For detailed instructions, see Montana Form BBSC . If this credit is claimed, include a copy of Form BBSC with the tax return.

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