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What is the credit for income taxes paid to another state?

Did you pay income taxes to another state or U.S. territory on income that is also taxed by Oregon? If so, you may be able to claim this credit.

If you were a full-year Oregon resident and had income taxed by Arizona, California, Indiana, or Virginia, you cannot claim the credit on your Oregon return. However, you can claim the credit on the nonresident return you file with those states.

This credit is only for state income tax. You cannot claim this credit for city or county income tax, sales tax, alternative minimum tax (AMT), property tax, school tax, or building funds.

Your credit is the smallest of the following:

  • The 2018 tax actually paid to the other state.
  • Your Oregon tax liability after all credits, except credits for income taxes paid to other states.
  • The amount figured using the following formula: Divide your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) taxed by both states by your total MAGI. Multiply the result by your Oregon tax after subtracting all other credits.

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