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I just e-filed my return, but I need to change my address, what do I do?

Once a return has been submitted to the IRS, we are not able to stop the IRS from processing it. If the IRS rejects your e-filed return, you can go back into your account and make any changes you need before resubmitting your return to the IRS.

If the IRS accepts your return and will be mailing your refund check instead of direct depositing it, then you will need to call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to make sure your refund check is mailed to the correct address. Also, you may visit the IRS Address Changes web page for more instruction on how to change your mailing address.

If you moved, put in a change of address with the Post Office to have your refund check forwarded to you. A change of address can be done online at or at your local post office.

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