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Do I have to enter a 1099-MISC record?

The 1099-MISC record is not e-filed to the IRS like a W-2 is. The 1099-MISC screen helps identify whether the income shown on the 1099-MISC should go onto a Schedule C, Schedule E, Schedule F, Form 4835 or as Other Income on Line 21 of Schedule 1. It then flows the 1099-MISC income to the correct form.

If you know where the income should be reported and you do not have any federal tax withheld shown on the 1099-MISC, you could choose to skip entering the 1099-MISC and just enter the income directly on a Schedule C record, Royalty record, Rental record, Farm Income record, Farm Rental record, or as Other Income on the on the Other Income screen in the Uncommon Income section. If you do enter the income directly on one of those records, make sure you don't have it entered as a 1099-MISC, if you do that then the income will be doubled on your Schedule C, etc.

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