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What is the Energy Conservation Installation Credit?

If you're a resident of Montana, you can claim a credit for energy conservation investments that you made to your home or other buildings. Your credit is equal to 25% of your expenses for a maximum credit of up to $500 for the capital investments you made to your home or another building for energy conservation purposes, or for the installation or replacement of a hot water heater or household heating or cooling system. If you're married, your spouse may also qualify for a credit of up to $500 as long as you both made qualifying capital investments.

You won't qualify for this credit by simply switching to an energy source that is less expensive or free (investments of this nature may qualify for the Alternative Energy System Credit).

For further instructions and a list of investments that qualify for the Energy Conservation Installation Credit, please see the Form ENRG-C instructions . When you claim this credit, you will have to include a copy of Form ENRG-C with your tax return, which we will help you complete.

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