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What are the miscellaneous tax credits?

Drip/Trickle Irrigation Systems Credit (TC-1)

For purchasing and installing conservation tillage equipment, drip/trickle irrigation system, or dual purpose combination truck and crane equipment.

Minority Business Credit (TC-2)

For state contractors that subcontract with socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses.

Water Resources Credit (TC-3)

For investing in the construction of water storage and control structures for soil and water conservation, wildlife management, agriculture, and aquaculture purpose.

Nursing Home Credit

A credit is allowed for an individual who pays expenses for his/her own support or the support of another to an institution, in any state, providing nursing facility level of care or to a provider for in-home or community care. A physician must certify that the nursing care is needed. No credit is allowed for expenses paid from public source funds (such as Medicaid or Veterans Administration). The credit is calculated by multiplying the expenses by 20% (0.20), but the credit can't exceed $300. No carryover is allowed if your credit is greater than your tax due. There is no separate form for this credit.

Small Business Job Credit (TC-4SB)

For qualifying small businesses that create and maintain 2 or more full-time jobs.

Accelerated Small Business Jobs Credit (TC-4SA)

For qualifying small businesses that create 2 or more full-time jobs.

Scenic Rivers Credit (TC-5)

For donating certain lands adjacent to designated rivers or sections of a river.

Palmetto Seed Capital Credit (TC-7)

For investing in the Palmetto Seed Capital Corporation.

Child Care Program Credit (TC-9)

For employers that establish child care programs for the benefit of employees or donate to a non-profit corporation providing child care services to employees.

Capital Investment Credit (TC-11)

For placing qualifying manufacturing and production equipment in service.

Family Independence Payments Credit (TC-12)

For employers hiring qualifying recipients of Family Independence Payments.

Community Development Credit (TC-14)

For investing amounts in qualifying community development corporations or financial institutions.

Research Expenses Credit (TC-18)

For taxpayers claiming a federal research expenses credit.

Brownfields Cleanup Credit (TC-20)

For costs of voluntary cleanup activity by a nonresponsible party under the Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program.

Certified Historic Structure Credit (TC-21)

For rehabilitation projects that qualify for the federal credit.

Certified Historic Residential Structure Credit (TC-22)

For qualifying residential rehabilitation projects.

Textiles Rehabilitation Credit (TC-23)

For rehabilitation of an abandoned textile manufacturing facility.

Commercials Credit (TC-24)

For production companies producing commercials in South Carolina.

Motion Pictures Credits After June 30, 2004 (TC-25)

For investing in motion picture projects or motion picture production or post-production facilities in South Carolina after June 30, 2004.

Venture Capital Investment Credit (TC-26)

For lending money to the South Carolina Venture Capital Authority.

Health Insurance Pool Credit (TC-27)

For an individual who acquires replacement health insurance coverage through the South Carolina Health Insurance Pool.

South Carolina Quality Forum Credit (TC-28)

For participating in quality programs of the South Carolina Quality Forum.

Qualified Retirement Plan Contribution Credit (TC-29)

For taxes paid to another state on qualified retirement plan contributions not exempt from the other state's income tax.

Port Cargo Credit (TC-30)

For increasing usage by volume at state ports.

Premarital Preparation Course Credit (TC-32)

For attending a qualifying marriage preparation course prior to obtaining a South Carolina marriage license.

Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit (TC-35)

For purchasing qualifying vehicles.

Industry Partnership Fund Credit (TC-36)

For contributing to the South Carolina Research Authority's Industry Partnership Fund.

Solar Energy or Small Hydropower System Credit or Geothermal Machinery and Equipment (TC-38)

For installing a solar energy system or small hydropower system in a South Carolina facility.

Ethanol or Biodiesel Production Credit (TC-40)

For producers of corn-based or non-corn-based ethanol or soy-based or non-soy-based biodiesel.

Renewable Fuel Facility Credit (TC-41)

For constructing a renewable fuel production or distribution facility in South Carolina.

Residential Retrofit Credit (TC-43)

For retrofitting a residence to make it more resistant to loss due to hurricane, rising floodwater, or other catastrophic windstorm event.

Apprenticeship Credit (TC-45)

For employing an apprentice.

Credit Shareholder of S Corporation Banks (TC-46)

For shareholders of S corporations operating as banks.

Venison for Charity (TC-51)

$75 for each carcass of deer meat prepared by a licensed meat packer, butcher, or processing plant for charity.

Fire Sprinkler System Credit (TC-52)

25% of costs for voluntarily installing a sprinkler system in a structure.

Energy Efficient Manufactured Home Credit (TC-53)

$750 credit for new purchase of an Energy Star manufactured home.

Clean Energy Credit (TC-54)

For investing in production of clean energy systems or components. You must file TC-54A to have this credit preapproved.

Abandoned Buildings Revitalization Credit (TC-55)

For rehabilitating an abandoned building.

Angel Investor Credit (TC-56)

For investing in certain types of businesses. You must file TC-56A to have this credit preapproved.

Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children's Fund (Nonrefundable)

For contributing money to Exceptional SC to benefit exceptional needs children. This credit is limited to 60% of your tax liability.

Alternative Fuel Property Credit (TC-59)

For purchasing, installing, and placing in service in South Carolina eligible property that is used for distribution, dispersing or storing alternative fuel at a new or existing fuel distribution or dispensing facility.

Agribusiness Income Tax Credit (TC-61)

For an agribusiness operation or agricultural packaging operation that increases its purchases of certified South Carolina grown agricultural products by a minimum of 15% in a calendar year.

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