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How can I make changes to my tax return after I have e-filed it?

Once you e-file your return, you need to wait and see if the IRS accepts or rejects the e-filed return. If the IRS rejects the e-filed return, you can go back into your account and make any changes you want before you e-file your tax return again.

If the IRS accepts your tax return, then you'll need to do an amended tax return to make changes to your original tax return. Sign in to your account and go to the paragraph that talks about amended/corrected tax returns on the View Return Status and Print Your Copy screen. You'll be able to start an amended tax return from there. We'll help you prepare your federal amended tax return and also your state amended return(s) if you filed your original state tax return(s) with us.

If you e-filed one or more state returns along with the federal return, each return needs to be accepted before amending.

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