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What active-duty military pay qualifies for a deduction?

If you're serving in the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard on active military duty that is continuous and uninterrupted for 120 days, your active duty military wages for service outside of Idaho aren't subject to Idaho tax. The continuous 120 days don't have to be in the same tax year. Enter your nontaxable military wages. Part-year Residents: Only enter your nontaxable military wages included in Idaho income.

Don't include military wages earned while stationed in Idaho.

Your wage and tax statement (W-2) doesn't show this amount separately and you may have to compute the amount of income earned outside of Idaho. You should see your unit of assignment or use your orders in making the computation. Include a copy of your worksheet if mailing your return.

National Guard or Reserve pay, including annual training pay, generally doesn't qualify as active duty pay unless you've been called into full-time duty for 120 days or more. If you're a commissioned officer of the Public Health Service or of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration militarized by the President of the United States and attached to the armed forces, your active duty military wages earned outside Idaho qualify for this deduction.

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