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What is the Tax Relief Credit for North Dakota Residents?

For the 2021 and 2022 tax years, full-year North Dakota residents who have a tax liability (before any credits) can claim the Tax Relief Credit on their North Dakota returns.

A credit of $350 is allowed to single, head of household, qualified widow(er), and married filing separately filers. For married persons filing jointly, both of whom are full-year residents, a credit of $700 is allowed.

In the case of married persons filing jointly, where one spouse is a full-year resident of North Dakota and the other spouse is a nonresident of North Dakota for part or all of the year, a $350 credit is allowed.

The amount of the credit is limited to the lesser of the credit or the tax (before any credits) on the return. If the credit exceeds the tax on the return, the excess credit is not refundable and cannot be carried over and used in any other tax year.

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