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How do I know if my tribal income may be subtracted?

A Resident Tribal Member (RTM) is an enrolled member of the Tribe in question, who both lives in that Tribes's Agreement Area and who is listed on the RTM list submitted by that Tribe to the State of Michigan. If you have any question as to your status, please contact your Tribe.

If you're a Resident Tribal Member of a federally recognized Indian tribe that has an active tax agreement with the state of Michigan, you may subtract certain income that would otherwise be included in your Michigan Adjusted Gross Income.

Such exempt income may include income from wages, interest, and pension income. For a more detailed list, go to . A list of tribes' names will be available; click to access the tax agreement and proceed to Section IV.

If your tribe is not listed, your tribe does not have an active tax agreement with Michigan, so you'll need to see Revenue Administrative Bulletin 1988-47  for guidelines in determining exempt income that may be subtracted here.

NOTE: Michigan income earned while living outside of your Agreement Area (see your tribe's agreement for a description of your Agreement Area) or Indian Country (as defined under 18 U.S.C. 1151  for Non-Agreement Tribes) may not be subtracted here.

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