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Which itemized deductions can be claimed in Hawaii but not on my federal return?

The following deductions can still be claimed in Hawaii:

  • Tax preparation fees
  • Interest paid on home equity loans
  • Certain home mortgage interest beyond federal limitations
The expenses below must be paid to produce or collect taxable income and certain tax-exempt* income or to manage or protect property held for earning income. Don't include any personal expenses or expenses claimed elsewhere, such as on a Schedule C.
  • Safe deposit box rental
  • Certain legal and accounting fees
  • Clerical help and office rent
  • Custodial (e.g. trust account) fees
  • Your share of the investment expenses of a regulated investment company
  • Certain losses on nonfederally insured deposits
  • Casualty and theft losses of property used in performing services as an employee
  • Deduction for repayment of amounts under a claim of right
  • Convenience fee charged by the card processor for paying your income tax by credit or debit card
*Expenses related to tax-exempt income from a qualified high technology business are deductible.

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