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Can I claim the Georgia Qualified Education Expense Credit?

In order to claim the Georgia Qualified Education Expense Credit, all of the following must apply:
  • You made a contribution to a qualifying student scholarship organization.
  • You received preapproval from the Georgia Department of Revenue for the amount of your contribution, and made the contribution to the scholarship organization within 60 days of the date of the preapproval notice and within the calendar year in which it was approved. Applications must be submitted online through the Georgia Tax Center Self-Service Portal .
  • You received Form IT-QEE-SS01 from the student scholarship organization confirming your donation and approving you for the credit.
  • You did NOT designate the contribution for a particular individual.
  • You didn't claim an itemized deduction for the amount being claimed for the credit OR you added back the amount claimed as both a deduction and for the credit to your Georgia return.
  • You must e-file your Georgia return.

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