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What if I am a Delaware employee who performed work outside the state or worked from home in another state?

If you are required to perform services outside of Delaware because of your Delaware employment, you may be able to exclude this income. You'll need to complete Form PIT-SCW  (Schedule W Apportionment Worksheet) and mail it with your Delaware tax return.

Income earned while working from a home outside of Delaware doesn't qualify for this exclusion unless working from home was required by your employer or they strongly encouraged it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For more details about working remotely/telecommuting, see "Treatment of Wages from Remote Work in 2021" .

Include the result of Form PIT-SCW, Line 7 as your Delaware wages amount on this screen. You should choose to print and mail your Delaware return and then attach Form PIT-SCW  with your printed return.

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