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What are the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion and Infrastructure Credits?

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion Credit
A credit for the equipment and labor costs attributable to the cost of converting a motor vehicle licensed in DC that operates on petroleum diesel or petroleum derived gasoline to a motor vehicle that operates on one of the following operating fuels:
  • At least 85% Ethanol,
  • Natural gas,
  • Compressed natural gas,
  • Liquified natural gas,
  • Liquified petroleum gas,
  • Biodiesel (excluding kerosene),
  • Electricity from a vehicle charging station, or
  • Hydrogen.
The Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Credit
A credit for allowable costs incurred to purchase and install an alternative fuel storage and dispensing or charging station at either of the following places:
  • a private residence
  • a non-residential property designed for use by the public
The cost of the purchase of the land on which the refueling or charging station will be located or the construction or purchase of any structure is not included in the equipment or labor costs.

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