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What is the Conceal Carry Gun Permit Training Credit?

The Conceal Carry Gun Permit Training Credit is for the costs incurred during the taxable year for training courses or classes taken by the primary taxpayer and/or spouse for the purposes of applying for and qualifying for a permit to carry a concealed weapon in this state. This is a one-time credit limited to the lesser of actual costs or the maximum amount of credit allowable with respect to any taxpayer and/or spouse not to exceed $50 per taxpayer ($50 each in the case of taxpayer and spouse). This credit is not allowed with respect to any person who fails to qualify or is denied a permit after applying therefore. Note: The effective date of the credit is May 24, 2016. Costs incurred prior to May 24, 2016 are not eligible for this credit.

See Form CCGP-1  for more information.

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