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How do I claim the Nebraska Child/Dependent Care credits?

The Nebraska Child/Dependent Care Refundable Credit is based on a percentage of the amounts you enter for the federal Child/Dependent Care Credit. If you entered child and dependent care expenses on your federal return, we'll calculate your Nebraska credit using the following chart to determine the applicable percentage for your AGI level:
AGI Over But Not Over Percent
$0 or less 22,000 100%
22,000 23,000 90%
23,000 24,000 80%
24,000 25,000 70%
25,000 26,000 60%
26,000 27,000 50%
27,000 28,000 40%
28,000 29,000 30%

Resident taxpayers with AGI greater than $29,000 can claim the Nebraska Child/Dependent Care Nonrefundable Credit. We'll multiply the amount of your federal credit by 25% to determine the Nebraska credit amount.

Taxpayers who are married, filing jointly federally, but are married, filing separately on their Nebraska return cannot claim this Nebraska credit.

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