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Who may file Form IT-40RNR?

Full-year residents of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin may use this form if:
  • Your income from Indiana sources is only from wages, salaries, tips or commissions, and
  • Your Indiana credits are only from Indiana state and/or county taxes withheld.
While unemployment compensation from Indiana sources received by an Indiana nonresident is not subject to tax in Indiana, you must file Form IT-40PNR to claim a refund of ANY Indiana state/county withholdings.

Do not file this form if you have Indiana riverboat winnings. You must file Form IT-40PNR.

Professional team members cannot file Form IT-40RNR; they must file Form IT-40PNR.

If you have made any estimated payments or wish to make any estimated payments, you must file Form IT-40PNR.

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