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Does FreeTaxUSA have a phone number for support?

To provide the most value to our customers, all customer support is provided through email or through direct messaging within the software. We do not offer phone support. You can find answers to many questions by searching our Questions and Answers database. When you are signed in to your account, you can search this database under the Support Center by typing keywords in the Search tax help... field. Or you can click Top Issues to see answers to the most commonly asked questions.

We also offer access to live chat as part of our Deluxe package, to which you can upgrade by clicking the Upgrade link in the side bar of your screen. Once you have added Deluxe to your account, you can chat with one of our Customer Support agents via the Support tab.

Our Customer Support agents have responded to millions of questions in a timely and professional manner. Their goal is to respond as quickly and as accurately as possible. Complex questions may take longer to research; simpler questions can be answered in considerably less time. Many customers are surprised at how quickly they receive a response.

Signing in to your account first, and then contacting Customer Support, is the best and quickest way to receive help. By creating a customer support ticket within the software, our representatives will be able to review your account quickly and provide the best response possible. You will find the 'Contact Support' link in the top right corner of each screen after you have signed into the software.

The second best way to contact support is to email

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