Accuracy Guarantee

If you pay penalties or interest to the IRS or your state of residence because of a calculation error, we'll pay you the penalties and interest.

FreeTaxUSA cannot and does not assume any liability, claim, or loss for any user generated errors, including but not limited to data entry errors. However, FreeTaxUSA does offer an Accuracy Guarantee that the tax formulas and calculations accessed via any of the Products and Services offered on the Site are accurate and will produce results consistent with federal and state standards for preparing and/or filing tax returns. In the event any of the formulas and/or calculations utilized in any of the Products and Services offered by FreeTaxUSA are incorrect, then FreeTaxUSA will reimburse you any penalties and/or interest imposed by the Internal Revenue Service and/or your state of residence to the extent that such are imposed as a result of any such erroneous formulas and/or calculations. The Accuracy Guarantee is limited to penalties and/or interests as stated in this section and to no other amount(s).

If you believe that an above described calculation or formula error has occurred, you must notify FreeTaxUSA as soon as you are made aware of the mistake (and in no event later than 45 days after the interest or penalty is assessed) by mail at:

FreeTaxUSA - Accuracy Guarantee
1366 East 1120 South
Provo, UT 84606

FreeTaxUSA will then contact you to resolve the issue. In order to investigate your issue, FreeTaxUSA requires supporting information such as a copy of the IRS/state notice, evidence of payment of the specified penalty and/or interest, etc.

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