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Welcome to the FreeTaxUSA commercial site. From this point you may choose to return to our Free File program or continue on to our full commercial offering. However, the only difference between the two are additional products that we can offer you on our commercial website. These additional products are listed below. We guarantee that you will have the same great experience regardless of which path you take. The offer, calculations, supported forms, tools, etc. are all the same. The only difference is our ability to offer you a few additional services.

FreeTaxUSA offers several additional services that can aid in keeping your taxes organized. You can add any of the services listed below when you have finished your income tax return and are ready to e-file.

Free Services

Federal Tax Return FREE

Prepare print & e-file your federal tax return absolutely free. Our free service supports simple and complex tax returns, free unlimited customer support, and other free features.

E-file Service FREE

You will never pay extra to e-file your tax return on FreeTaxUSA. Additionally, FreeTaxUSA provides IRS status updates are also provided to keep you informed. E-filing with direct deposit is the fastest way to get your tax refund.

Federal Tax Extension FREE

If you don't have time to finish your taxes before April 18th, try our FREE federal tax extension. We will walk you through the process and e-file your extension free of charge. However, don't forget that any tax due still needs to be paid by the April 18th deadline. To file an extension before the April 18th deadline, sign in to your account or create an account and then choose 2016 Extension from the Personal menu.

Account Information Roll Over FREE

If you are a prior year customer you can save time by having your previous year's information carried over. This helps you finish your taxes quickly by providing the information that is needed year after year. Names, addresses and other account information can all be available from the first time you sign in. Returning customers don't have to upgrade to receive this service. It's free because we value our returning customers.

Printable File of Your Tax Returns FREE

When you prepare your taxes on FreeTaxUSA a printable copy of your federal and state taxes is created. You can sign in to your account at any time to access your return. It is also possible to save a copy to your hard drive, CD, or jump drive.

Online Backup of Completed Returns FREE

Need a copy of a past tax return? Our backup service allows you to access, view, and print your income tax return even after tax season has ended. Your account will provide you access to previous years' tax returns that were e-filed and accepted on FreeTaxUSA.

Complex Tax Filing FREE

It doesn't matter if you were self-employed, had investment income, went to school, or owned a home, FreeTaxUSA covers all that and more for free. You can rest assured that when you start your tax return on FreeTaxUSA, you won't have to upgrade halfway through the process because of a complex tax situation. Free tax filing should be for everyone.

Paid Services

Deluxe Edition $6.99

Our Deluxe Edition provides a number of valuable services for only $6.99. When you prepare your taxes using this option you get Audit Assist, Priority Support, Unlimited Amended Returns, Live Chat, and you only pay at the very end when you are ready to file your taxes.

State Tax Filing & Preparation $12.95

Prepare and file your state tax return for only $12.95. Our tax software carries over all the information from your federal tax return to save you time. Your state return is fast, easy, and convenient. E-filing is included at no extra cost.

Professionally Printed Tax Return $6.99

Have a professionally printed copy of your tax return mailed to you for only $6.99. The price includes both federal and state returns. Free shipping makes this a good option for customers who do not have a printer or would prefer a high quality copy of their tax return for their records. Note: Our free service provides a PDF version of your taxes which you can print at no cost.

Printed & Bound Tax Return $12.99

Receive a professionally bound copy of your federal and state income tax returns. This option is ideal if you need a more durable and easy to handle copy of your tax return.

Amended Tax Return
Free with Deluxe Edition or $14.99 if purchased separately

Need to correct a mistake or omission on your tax return? No problem, an amended return for both your federal and state returns can be done quickly and easily. If you purchased the Deluxe Edition you can file unlimited amended returns. If not, you only pay $14.99 each time you file.

New! Live Chat and Priority Support
Free with Deluxe Edition or $5.99 if purchased separately

Live Chat available Monday - Friday 10 AM to 7 PM Eastern (ET) (not available on holidays). Move to the first of the line and have your questions answered as quickly as possible. Your questions will be given top priority with this service. For this service and more, start your tax return using the Deluxe Edition.

Deluxe Edition

Includes All Free Features PLUS:

  • Audit Assist
  • New! Priority Support with
    Live Chat
  • Unlimited Amended Returns

Audit Assist

Protect your taxes with Audit Assist!

Our tax professionals will assist you if you are audited by the IRS. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are covered.

Included with DELUXE...
Find out More!

Free Edition

FREE Federal, FREE e-file

Our online application is designed to be simple and fast. Most returns can be completed within 30 minutes. No software to download. Use any computer that has an internet connection.

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