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Did you know most people actually have a refund waiting for them when they file a past year tax return? Filing a tax return every year is required by law. Finishing your taxes is easy on FreeTaxUSA. Creating a new account only takes a few minutes and doesn't cost anything. We will guide you every step of the way, helping you get the deductions, credits, and write-offs you deserve. We will help you get your biggest refund possible and fill out the forms you need to mail to the IRS. All the calculations are 100% guaranteed accurate so you can rest assured your taxes are calculated correctly.

Important Note: You CANNOT e-file a prior year tax return. The deadline for e-filing 2011 tax returns has passed. However, you can print and mail your prior year tax return.

It's Not Too Late to File Your 2011 Taxes

Even though you missed the deadline you can still file your previous year taxes. The sooner you file the better. If you owe taxes, filing your taxes as soon as possible will help reduce any fees and penalties from the IRS you may have incurred. Create an account and finish your 2011 taxes today.

Supported Tax Forms

All major tax forms are supported on FreeTaxUSA. We support simple tax returns as well as advanced tax situations including: getting married, having a child, buying a home, and other life changes. We also support investment, sole proprietor, and rental income at no extra cost. All federal forms are completely free and adding a state tax return is only $12.95. For a complete list of supported 2011 tax forms please use the federal and state tax links provided here:

2011 Federal Tax Forms
2011 State Tax Forms

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If you have a FreeTaxUSA account you can sign in and start/complete a 2011 return or print a completed return. If you've already filed a 2011 return, you can print a copy by following these tax return copy instructions.

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