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  • The 2009 tax application will be decommissioned on April 21, 2014. It will no longer be available to sign into or prepare your tax return. You will still be able to access your finalized 2009 tax return from the 2013 tax application after April 21, 2014.
Your 2009 taxes will be prepared using 2009 tax forms, rates, deductions, and applicable credits. After answering simple interview style questions your federal and state taxes will be calculated for you. All calculations are guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Important Note: You CANNOT e-file a prior year tax return. The deadline for e-filing 2009 tax returns has passed. However, you can print and mail your prior year tax return.

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FreeTaxUSA can handle simple and advanced federal tax returns for free. When you file your taxes using this software, customer support, form preparation, and other services are provided at no cost.

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Enhance the free federal service with Deluxe features. Add audit assist, priority support, and unlimited amended returns for only $5.95.

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Filing your taxes on FreeTaxUSA is fast and easy. The software guides you through your tax return, taking the guess-work out of tax preparation. Filing taxes has never been easier.

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If you have a FreeTaxUSA account you can sign in and start/complete a 2009 return or print a completed return. If you already filed using FreeTaxUSA and need a copy of your 2009 return, see our tax return copy instructions.

* 2009 Free Federal Requirements
Online tax preparation, printing, and filing of your 2009 federal income tax return are 100% FREE for everyone.

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