What is the Long-Term Care Insurance Credit?

The Long-Term Care Insurance Credit was available in prior tax years for taxpayers to claim a credit for premiums paid for a long-term care insurance plan. Unused credit amounts are carried forward for the next 5 taxable years.

This credit expired December 31, 2013. Only carryover credits from prior years are allowed to be claimed on your 2014 tax return.

For more information, contact:

Virginia Department of Taxation
Tax Credit Unit
P.O. Box 715
Richmond, VA 23218-0715

or call 804-786-2992.

What is the Political Contributions Credit?

The Political Contributions Credit is a credit for individuals who make contributions to candidates for state or local political office equal to 50 percent of the amount of the contribution, subject to a $25 limit for individuals and a $50 limit for married taxpayers filing jointly.

What are estimated tax payments? What do I enter on this screen?

  • Enter any estimated tax payments you made for 2014.
  • Enter any amounts credited from your 2013 return.
  • Enter any amount prepaid with extension requests.
Do NOT enter any amount of your 2014 Virginia Income Tax withheld by your employer(s) as shown on any wage or tax statements.

What makes someone ineligible for the Low Income Credit?

The Low Income Credit may NOT be claimed if you, your spouse, or any dependents claimed on your return or on your spouse's return claim any of the following:
  • Age deduction
  • Exemption for taxpayers who are blind or age 65 and over
  • Virginia National Guard subtraction
  • Basic Military pay subtraction
  • Federal & State employee subtraction for earnings of $15,000 or less
  • You are claimed as a dependent on another taxpayer's return.

How will contributions to the Public School Foundations be used?

Contributions will be used by eligible public school foundations established for the express purpose of implementing a public/private partnership to fund public school improvement projects approved by the local school board.

Do I need to file a Virginia return?

If your Virginia adjusted gross income is less than $11,950 ($23,900 if married and filing a joint return), then your Virginia tax is automatically zero if you were a full-year resident of Virginia last year. You do not need to file a Virginia return unless you have a refund. If you have any Virginia tax withheld from your wages or any credits that will give you a Virginia refund, you need to file a Virginia return to get your refund.

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