Delaware State Tax Help

Why am I being asked my filing status again?

Taxpayers filing as Married Filing Jointly on their federal return are allowed to choose between Married Filing Joint Return and Married Filing Separately on a Combined Return for their Delaware return. You can switch between the two filing statuses and choose the one that gives you the best result.

What net operating loss carryovers can I enter?

Taxpayers who were prevented in previous years from carrying federal net operating losses to their Delaware returns (because of Delaware's $30,000 limit on net operating loss carrybacks) are permitted to carry these additional losses forward on their Delaware return in years following the loss year.

What retirement distributions qualify under the Delaware Higher Education Exclusion?

Distributions received from qualified retirement plans (IRC Sec. 4974, including IRAs), cash, or deferred arrangements (such as 401(k) plans) and government deferred compensation plans (IRC Sec. 457) may be excluded from Delaware adjusted gross income to the extent they are used in the same tax year to pay for books, tuition, or fees at an institution of higher education attended by the taxpayer or by his or her dependents who have NOT attained the age of 26 by December 31, 2014, and as long as such amounts have been included in federal adjusted gross income.

Do I enter the number of miles driven or the allowed itemized deduction for the mileage?

Enter the number of miles driven. We'll calculate the allowable increase in your itemized deductions for Delaware.

Do I qualify for the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter Credit?

To qualify for the credit, you must be filing a Resident Return and be one of the following:
  • An active volunteer firefighter on call to fight fires on a regular basis.
  • A member of a fire company auxiliary
  • An active member of an organized rescue squad in a Delaware Volunteer Company.
Active status of the members is verified annually by the Division of Revenue with the volunteer firefighter companies.

What is the purpose of this credit?

The purpose of the credit for taxes paid to another state is to avoid any double taxation of the same income, by Delaware and by another state. If you paid income taxes to another state on income that is included in your Delaware adjusted gross income, include the information for that state and amount of income. If you paid income taxes to another state on income that is NOT included in your Delaware adjusted gross income, do NOT enter any of the information for that income.

What is the Non-Game Wildlife Fund?

Contributions to this fund will be used to manage and protect native plants and animals, restore wildlife habitat, and maintain the natural beauty of the state.

What is the U.S. Olympic Committee Fund?

This fund helps U. S. athletes realize their dreams of representing our country at the Olympic or Paralympic Games. It supports Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls with the coaching, equipment, travel, and sports science necessary to compete with the world's best athletes on the international field of play.

Direct donations are payable to the USOC by check, credit card or money order:
United States Olympic Committee
National Processing Center
P.O. Box 7010
Albert Lea, MN 56007-8010

Visit .

What is the Emergency Housing Fund?

Your contribution will be distributed by Delaware's Health and Social Services Division of State Service Centers/Office of Community Services, directly to nonprofit emergency housing agencies.

These agencies help families in crisis situations such as unemployment, family conflicts, displacement, evictions, fire, or utility failures, who are forced to seek emergency housing.

What is the Breast Cancer Education Fund?

Your contribution will go to the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, Inc., which was established in 1991 to empower our community through outreach, education, and support services, in order to facilitate the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

As a statewide agency, they accomplish this through outreach and education programs that encourage early detection, providing resources for newly diagnosed people, hosting an annual symposium with leading experts in cancer research and treatment, and operating the state's mobile mammography van.

What is the Organ Donations Fund?

Your contribution to the Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Trust Fund will be used to fund donation awareness programs throughout Delaware.

One organ and tissue donor can save or enhance the lives of more than 50 people. By increasing the number of organ and tissue donors, more lives will be saved.

What is the Diabetes Education Fund?

Your contribution will be given to the American Diabetes Association, which is the nation's leading nonprofit health organization, providing diabetes research, information and advocacy.

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects 20.8 million Americans, and is one of the most expensive debilitating diseases in America. The mission of the American Diabetes Association is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all those affected by diabetes.

To fulfill this mission, the American Diabetes Association provides various programs including the youth retreat for children and families with diabetes, diabetes education for at-risk populations, professional education seminars, health fairs, and speakers' bureaus.

What is the Veterans' Home Fund?

Your tax contribution will assist the Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs in maintaining a facility that will provide services to Delaware's aging veteran population.

What is the Delaware National Guard Fund?

The Delaware National Guard and Reserve Emergency Assistance Fund (DNGREAF) was established on April 4, 2003 and provides eligible reservists financial assistance to offset the economic hardships they have experienced as a result of participating in the Global War on Terrorism. DNGREAF is supported solely by tax deductible private donations. The following are eligible for this assistance:
  1. Delaware residents, including dependents, who are members of the Reserve Components of the Armed Forces of the U.S. who were ordered to or volunteered for active federal service in support of the Global War on Terrorism
  2. Members, including dependents, of the Reserve Components of the Armed Services of the U.S. whose units were permanently stationed in Delaware when ordered to active federal service for the Global War on Terrorism

What is the Juvenile Diabetes Fund?

Your contribution helps fund diabetes research projects at 500 centers in 19 countries. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) is the leading charitable funder and advocate for research on type 1 (juvenile) diabetes.

Founded in 1970 by a group of determined parents who vowed to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, JDRF now has thousands of volunteers and staff at a hundred locations around the world. Yet their mission remains the same: eliminating type1 diabetes in the way polio and chicken pox were eradicated. They aggressively pursue all promising avenues of research and make funding decisions based on vigorous scientific review.

JDRF has been associated with many major breakthroughs in type 1 diabetes research. While a cure still eludes them, millions have benefited from JDRF funded advances in islet transplantation, beta cell regeneration, and the treatment of complications.

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