What are the Other Additions to federal AGI that I might have?

The following items are other additions you may have to your federal adjusted gross income. Enter the total of any of the following items that apply to you.

  • Federal Income Tax Refund: Generally, there will be no entry here unless you amended your federal return for a prior year due to an investment credit carryback or a net operating loss carry back which resulted in you receiving a federal income tax refund in 2014 for that prior year.
  • Partnership, S Corporation or Fiduciary Adjustments: If you received income from a partnership, S Corporation, joint venture, syndicate, estate or trust, enter your proportionate share of any required addition adjustments. The partnership, S Corporation, or trustee will provide you with the necessary information to determine these amounts.
  • Community Service Contribution Credit: Enter the amount of any charitable contribution claimed on your federal return used to compute the Community Service Contribution Credit on Schedule K-60.
  • Learning Quest Education Savings Program: Enter the amount of any "nonqualified withdrawal" from the Learning Quest Education Savings Program.
  • Amortization - Energy Credits: Enter the amount of any amortization deduction claimed on the federal income tax return relating to Schedule K-73, K-77, K-79, K-82 or K-83 and any amount claimed in determining federal adjusted gross income on carbon dioxide recapture, sequestration or utilization machinery and equipment, or waste heat utilization system property.
  • Ad Valorem or Property Taxes: Enter the amount of Ad Valorem or property taxes paid by a nonresident of Kansas to a state other than Kansas or to a local government outside of Kansas, when the law of such state does not allow a Kansas resident to claim a deduction of Ad Valorem or property taxes paid to a Kansas political subdivision in determining taxable income, to the extent that such taxes are claimed as an itemized deduction for federal income tax purposes.
  • Abortion Expenses: Enter the amount of credit(s) allowed on your federal return that includes coverage of, reimbursement for, or credit/partial credit for abortion or abortion expenses.

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