What does the number or letter in Box 7 of my 1099-R mean?

Box 7 is the distribution code that identifies the type of distribution received. The following are the codes and their definitions:
1 - Early distribution, no known exception (in most cases under age 59 1/2)
2 - Early distribution, exception applies (under age 59 1/2)
3 - Disability
4 - Death
5 - Prohibited transaction
6 - Section 1035 exchange
7 - Normal distribution
8 - Excess contributions plus earnings taxable in 2014
9 - Cost of current life insurance protection
A - May be eligible for 10-year tax option (not supported)
B - Designated Roth account distribution
D - Annuity payments from nonqualified annuities that may be subject to tax under section 1411.
E - Distributions under Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS)
F - Charitable gift annuity
G - Direct rollover to a qualified plan.
H - Direct rollover of a designated Roth account distribution to a Roth IRA.
J - Early distribution from a Roth IRA, no known exception (in most cases under age 59 1/2)
K - Distribution of IRA assets not having a readily available FMV
L - Loans treated as distributions
N - Recharacterized IRA contribution
P - Excess contributions plus earnings/excess deferrals taxable in prior year
Q - Qualified distribution from a Roth IRA
R - Recharacterized IRA contribution
S - Early distribution from a SIMPLE IRA in first 2 years, no known exception (under age 59 1/2) May be subject to an additional 25 percent tax.
T - Roth IRA distribution, exception applies
U - Dividend distribution from ESOP under section 404(k).
W - Charges or payments for purchasing qualified long-term care insurance contracts under combined arrangements.

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