Amended Tax Return

If you have mailed your tax return to the IRS or the IRS has accepted your e-filed tax return, then the only way to make changes to your tax return is to file an amended return, Form 1040X. If you prepared your original return with us, you can sign in to your account and choose the option to amend/correct your return. Go to the Check Status/Print Tax Return screen and go to the Amended/Corrected Return paragraph to start your amended return. Or use the menu bar across the top of the screen to click the Account tab and the Amend/Change Tax Return link. You will then be walked through the amended return process.

The IRS does not allow you to e-file an amended return, so your only option is going to be to prepare, print, and mail the amended return.

If you did not file your original return through our website, you can go to the IRS website ( and download Form 1040X to manually prepare an amended return. Or you can prepare your amended return through our website by entering your tax information again. When you reach the Filing Method screen, choose "No" to the question that asks if you want to e-file your return. Once you reach the Check Status/Print Tax Return screen be sure that your federal return entered on our website matches your original return that you e-filed or mailed. Then you can select the option to amend your return.

We recommend that you do not amend your tax return until after you have received your refund or paid the taxes you owe from your original return you filed. The IRS will often automatically make a correction to your tax return for missing or incorrect W-2 (W2) or 1099 forms. You do not need to amend your federal tax return if the IRS corrects the error on your tax return when they process your original tax return. You will receive an IRS notice explaining the adjustment or asking for additional forms for documentation.

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