What are some examples of Other Subtractions?

If you have other sources of negative adjustments, indicate the source on the line provided. Other sources of negative adjustments might include:

  1. Contributions into a Missouri Individual Medical Account (IMA). Contributions that were made by your employer into an Individual Medical Account (IMA) and used to pay your health care expenses are exempt from Missouri income tax. The interest income earned on the IMA account is also exempt from Missouri income tax. The IMA contribution is identified in Box 14 of your Form W-2 (W2), Wage and Tax Statement. Reduce the amount of contributions by the amount of medical and dental expenses deducted on federal Form 1040, Schedule A, Line 4, but paid for by the IMA and included in Missouri itemized deductions.
  2. Additional Capital Gain Deduction Due to Difference in Basis. If during the taxable year you realized a gain from the sale of property or other capital assets that had a higher tax basis for Missouri tax purposes than for federal tax purposes, you may exclude the gain or difference in the basis of the property so disposed, whichever is smaller. If the gain was considered a long-term capital gain for federal income tax purposes, the exclusion is limited to the gain or 50 percent of the difference, whichever is smaller. No difference in basis can be claimed for any property obtained after December 31, 1972. If your basis for Missouri purposes is less than the basis for federal income tax purposes, no adjustment is required.
  3. Accumulation Distribution. If during 2014, you received a distribution as beneficiary of a trust that was made from accumulated earnings of prior years and you filed federal Form 4970, the amount may be excluded from Missouri income to the extent that it was reported in your federal adjusted gross income.
  4. Capital Gain Exclusion on Sale of Low Income Housing. If during 2014, you sold a federally subsidized (HUD) low income housing project to a nonprofit or governmental organization, and at least 40 percent of the units are occupied by persons or families having incomes of 60 percent or less of the median income, you may exclude 25 percent of the capital gain from Missouri tax. However, the buyer of the property must agree to preserve or increase the low income occupancy of the project. To use this exclusion, enter 25 percent of the capital gain reported on your federal Form 1040 as "other."
  5. Family Development Account. A family development account holder may subtract the amount of annual deposits made to the account (not to exceed $2,000). Approved withdrawals from the family development account are also exempt from state tax. Interest earned by a family development account is exempt from state taxation and may be subtracted from an account holder's federal adjusted gross income. Any money withdrawn for an unapproved use is subject to tax.
  6. Federally Taxable Missouri Exempt Obligations. The amount of any bond issued by the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority (MOHELA) including interest or proceeds resulting from the sale of the bond is exempt from Missouri tax. If the amount is included in federal adjusted gross income, the amount can be subtracted for Missouri tax purposes.
  7. Net Operating Loss. Any amount of net operating loss taken against federal taxable income but disallowed for Missouri income tax purposes after June 18, 2002 may be carried forward and taken against any income on the Missouri income tax return for a period of up to 20 years from the year of the initial loss.
  8. Condemnation of Property. If you included in your federal adjusted gross income any gain arising from compulsory or involuntary conversion of property as a result of condemnation or imminence thereof, you may exclude that gain from Missouri tax.

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