What are examples of other additions?

NOTE: If you are including an addition that requires further documentation be sure to include a copy with your return if you are mailing the return. If you are e-filing, any supporting documentation should be retained with your records for three years in case the Oklahoma Tax Commission requests it.

Other additions include the following:
  • Losses from the sales of exempt government obligations. The capital gain/loss from the sale of a U.S. Government Obligation is exempt from Oklahoma state taxes. Enclose Federal Schedule D.
  • If you are a swine or poultry producer who has deducted depreciation on an accelerated basis on your Oklahoma tax return in previous tax years, the asset may be fully depreciated for Oklahoma purposes. Any depreciation deducted on this year's Federal return, after the date the asset has been fully depreciated on your Oklahoma return, must be added back to avoid a duplication of depreciation. Enclose a copy of the Federal depreciation schedule showing the depreciation taken on the asset.
  • If a qualified Oklahoma refinery, of which you are a partner or shareholder, elected to expense the cost of qualified refinery property, such property is fully depreciated for Oklahoma purposes. For Oklahoma purposes no depreciation expense can be taken for this tax year on such property. Enter your pro-rata share of such depreciation. Include the partnership's or S corporation's name and ID Number in the description.
  • If you are a member of a pass-through entity that was:
    • required to add-back rents and interest expenses paid to a captive real estate investment trust when determining Oklahoma distributable income.
    • a captive real estate trust that was required to addback the dividends-paid deduction when determining Oklahoma distributable income.
    • Enter your pro-rata share of such add-back. Include your pass-through entity's name and ID number in the description
  • Any other income that was not included on your federal return because it was not taxable on a federal level, but is taxable by the State of Oklahoma.

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