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Deluxe Edition Includes:

  • All of the Free Services
  • Audit Assist Protection
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Amended Returns
Deluxe Edition Only $5.95

Comparison Chart

FREE Edition Deluxe Edition
FREE E-file Yes Yes
Printing Yes Yes
Online Backup & PDF File Yes Yes
Account Data Roll-Over Yes Yes
Extension Tax Filing Yes Yes
Deduction & Credit Finders Yes Yes
Option to Pay Federal Tax w/ Direct Debit Yes Yes
Simple or Complex Returns Yes Yes
Unlimited Customer Support Yes Yes
IRS Form Completion Yes Yes
Easy to use online software Yes Yes
Audit Assist
Get the peace of mind of having a specialist helping you through an IRS audit. Access to the Audit Center is also included.
No Yes
Priority Customer Support
Upgrade your customer support experience. Move to the front of the line for ultra fast answers to your questions.
No Yes
Unlimited Amended Returns
Complete IRS Form 1040x and State Amended Return forms at no extra cost. Filing an amended return has never been so easy.
No Yes
Start Deluxe for free, pay when you file Start FREE
State Only $12.95
Start Deluxe
State Only $12.95

Free Services are Included

In addition to the Deluxe Edition you'll also get: FREE e-file, printing, online backup, PDF copy of tax return, free extensions, form preparation and more. Add a state tax return for only $12.95. If you are Age 22 or younger, your state tax return is FREE!! Learn More... The Deluxe Edition applies to both federal and state tax preparation.

Protect Your Tax Return with Audit Assist

Get the peace of mind of having a specialist helping you through an IRS audit. Access to the Audit Center gives you the information you need to prepare and respond to the IRS.

Receive answers to specific questions you may have about the IRS notice or audit process. You'll also receive access to the FreeTaxUSA Audit Center. Access to the Audit Center will provide you with information, advice, and resources you need to prepare for the audit. In addition to personal audits, FreeTaxUSA also provides support for correspondence audits (i.e. letters from the IRS). Audit specialists will help you understand the notice. Preparing your response to the IRS with the help of an expert is a valuable resource.


FreeTaxUSA Audit Assist is only available for customers who successfully e-filed their federal tax return using the FreeTaxUSA Deluxe Edition. State returns are not covered by FreeTaxUSA Audit Assistance. FreeTaxUSA Audit Assistance will assist you in preparing for an audit, but our audit specialists cannot represent you at the audit. Our audit specialists can help you prepare your response to the IRS, but cannot correspond directly with the IRS.

Priority Customer Support

Get answers fast with priority customer support. With this service your questions take top priority. Our best customer service representatives answer your questions. If you need fast answers this service is for you.

Unlimited Amended Returns

File an amended return at no extra cost. Correct mistakes or omissions in your tax return even after you have filed with the IRS. Have the forms you need re-calculated and prepared. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions and your amended tax return will be calculated for you. With this service you can file as many amended copies of your return as needed for free.

Start for Free, Pay When You File

Start your tax return for free, use the service, and pay when you are ready to file. Use the Deluxe Edition with no risk!

Deluxe Edition

Includes All Free Features PLUS:

Audit Assist

Protect your taxes with Audit Assist!

Over 1.7 million taxpayers were audited last year... let us help. Our tax professionals will assist you if you are audited by the IRS. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are covered.

Included with DELUXE...
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Free Edition

FREE Federal, FREE e-file:

Our online application is designed to be simple and fast. Most returns can be completed within 30 minutes. No software to download. Use any computer that has an internet connection.

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